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15th September 19
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The following groups and organisations can support issues in rural, isolated and costal communities. They can provide advice and guidance that will support the achievement and attainments of children and young people.

Schools may find the some of the issues and discussions raised by the organizations useful to consider when planning and monitoring the progress of specific gifts and talents and learners.

Could the issue have an impact on the short-term and long term future of the progress and abilities of their isolated and rural learners? What strategies are orgainisations identifying to address the needs of rural and isolated communities which can be applied to young learners?

Please click on a logo to go to visit the website and use the information in the links below and apply the reflective questions when considering your school and isolated learners.....



here you will find a number of articles relating to how parents/carers can support able, gifted and talented children from the BBC website.


An area to discuss gifted and talented children with other parents/carers on line.


The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are the government department responsible for food, farming, environment and rural matters. They aim, amongst other things, to secure a healthy natural environment, a sustainable, low-carbon economy, a thriving farming sector and a sustainable, healthy and secure food supply. Defra’s rural programme focuses on the outcomes of the Government’s social and economic policies in relation to rural people and places.

commission for rural communities
The Commission for Rural Communities aims to be an advocate for people and businesses in rural areas, giving advice to the government on issues that affect rural communities, and monitoring the impact of government policies on those areas.
The main objective of the Sutton Trust is to improve educational opportunities for young people from non-privileged backgrounds and increase social mobility.
The National Association for Able Children in Education was founded over 25 years ago to support teachers in getting the best from gifted and talented children in schools.
The National Association for Gifted Children aim to support high ability children and those involved with their education and welfare, and increase awareness of the emotional, social and educational needs of gifted and talented young people from all backgrounds.
The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
London Gifted & Talented was launched in January 2004 to provide support and services to London's gifted and talented students and their teachers. LGT have developed and delivered over 250 different learning and teaching projects, including student programmes, professional development and training, and over 30 e-learning packages and web-based resources.
A link to the QCA guidance on recognizing and teaching gifted and talented students within schools
The SSAT is an independent body aiming to give advice to schools and academies throughout Englang to raise the levels of achievement in secondary education across all levels.
The website of the popular TV channel for teachers, with links to downloadable programs and resources used in or based around those programs.
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Reflective Teacher & Learner Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider:

Reflective Questions for parents and carers

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Reflective Teacher Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider: