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15th September 19
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Useful Resources

Parents/Carers will find a variety of resources to support different gifts and talents from a range of sources. Every child is unique, they will have different learning styles, speeds, interests, gifts and talents that emerge during their learning experiences.

A learning 'resource' can be in the form of advice and guidance, literature, equipment, contact with others and experts, opportunities and activities. We would encourage parents to seek out a number of different resources from a multitude of providers, these could include:


Community centres,

Local universities,

Library services


Tourist attractions


Local Authorities

Regional partnerships

Local and National organisations (with interests/links to a particular topic/subject area)

In the link below we have selected some additional resources to extend those offered in the other links. The aim is that the 'useful resources section' will help parents/carers to continue developing their understanding of G&T education, their child's needs and feel able to play more of an active role to progress their child's learning. Most of the resources are available on-line rather than downloadable activities/resources.

Therefore we recommend these be used when you have explored other freely readable avenues and pathways we have shown you in previous sections - and please let us know of any other links that may be of use!
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