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15th September 19
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The most effective way to support your child is for Parents/ Carers and schools to work in partnership to support more able children and young people.

It is not uncommon for some children and young people to be taught in different 'educational' settings. These include hospitals, special referral units, out-reach centres, on-line or through private/home tuition.

Whilst the opportunities to support some gifts and talents are not always available or delivered through a school curriculum or school the principles about how you can support your child remain the same.

Use the information below and apply the reflective questions when considering your child.....

Leaflet Parents/Carers leaflet Eastern Regional G&T Partnership

The Eastern region have also produced a number of useful guides in relation to those children who are in care and can offer a number of helpful suggestions for those children.

leaflet How parents/carers can help able children in primary school

This document by Oxford Brooks University offers advice to parents about working in partnership with primary schools, but please note some of the suggestions can work for other educational establishments and for children of different ages.

*Free Factsheet Downloads - P09 Factsheet - understanding the needs of gifted children - NAGCBritian

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). NAGC works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented and offers guidance, research in the field of gifted and talented education and opportunities across England. There website link is in our useful contacts.

Understanding Intelligences: Gardners theory - LondonGT/Belle Wallace publication

London GT have a number of teacher tools which help to develop the theories and knowledge about Gifted and Talented Education. Parents will find other resources and links to help develop their understanding to support children with gifts and talents.

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To view the reflective questions please select a section of the site

Reflective Teacher & Learner Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider:

Reflective Questions for parents and carers

We would encourage parents / carers to ask the questions:

Reflective Teacher Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider: