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15th September 19
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 This section aims to give teachers and learners some suggestions on how learners can make progress in the classroom and beyond school. 


It is commonly understood that provision for able children and young people does not just happen in school, learning happens through different opportunities and experiences.  There are many people who can influence the interests, gifts and talents of learners which can lead to progress and achievement, but fundamentally it is a joint responsibility between learner and teacher. 


We know that with adult support younger children can learn to take responsibility as they grow, but older children and young people are able to understand where and how they can contribute to their learning and achievement.


The guidance we offer here is intended to help learner and adult/teacher to work together to identify ways and areas for discussion to enhance learning in rural and isolated areas.


We will keep adding to this list so we can build up the advice and guidance that supports able learners to be influential in their learning.






An online tool which offer guidance on learning styles choices, where learners can select particular preference(s) to understand how they should:

  1. take in information;
  2. use information for effective learning;
  3. communicate more effectively;
  4. perform well in tests and examinations



leaflet: NR network understanding the needs of rural learners - pupil voice 




Young people discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a rural area.

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