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15th September 19
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This section of the website aims to support school based practitioners and educationalists who are working with most able children and young people.

We are conscious not to add to or duplicate the plethora of resources for teachers that are already available, but we want to be able to apply the principles of G&T education, address some of the characteristics of isolation and rurality with some resources which are accessible to isolated learners and teachers.

We have included some national resources to support your CPD, general advice, guidance and interesting practice that you may find useful. Above all, we have tried to signpost you to some of the resources available that support G&T generally.

We encourage you to consider the relationship between resource and the needs of isolated and rural learners in your school and community with our reflective questions for teachers when using the website and its contents.

The school (and learner) 'useful resource' sections have been created by educationalists and schools who are creating opportunities and resources to ensure other isolated learners and teachers are able to address the needs of individuals or small groups of pupils.

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Reflective Teacher & Learner Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider:

Reflective Questions for parents and carers

We would encourage parents / carers to ask the questions:

Reflective Teacher Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider: