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15th September 19
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Being a parent or carer for most able children can often be both rewarding and sometimes frustrating.  We understand that all parents and carers want to do their very best to ensure their child makes progress at a rate that will nurture and extend a gift, talent or specific interest(s) in particular topics or school subjects. 

We recognise that many children who live in different environments can face similar issues when developing their learning. However, we want to focus on and recognise those children in isolated areas who may find some of their interests, gifts and talents are not as easily catered for as those with greater access to resources, specific expertise and opportunities.

This is why the Rural Education Network would like to ensure that parents and carers are equipped with the right tools, resources, guidance and advice which will help them to help their child.

Below are some of the ways in which we think YOU can help to address some of those characteristics, barriers and opportunities that will support your child which are available from different sources but particularly useful when applied to a rural and isolated context.

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Reflective Teacher & Learner Questions…

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Reflective Questions for parents and carers

We would encourage parents / carers to ask the questions:

Reflective Teacher Questions…

Here are a few questions you might like to consider: