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15th September 19
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To ensure that all those with responsibilities for most able education take account of the needs of those most able young people within rural communities.

To explore how the rural environment can be used to develop challenges and opportunities for progression into wide ranging rural industries for all most able students.

To encourage rurally isolated children and young people to value, recognise and enhance their unique gifts and talents within a diverse society, enabling them to achieve their potential, therefore supporting them to develop a positive vision of the contribution they can make to the sustainable economic growth of their rural community.


To raise the profile across national organisations and government agencies regarding the educational, emotional and social needs of most able children and young people in rural areas.

To ensure that new strategies, initiatives and legislation e.g. The Importance of Teaching; The Schools White Paper 2010, reflect and support the needs of rurally isolated most able children and young people.

To use the rural environment, rural communities and inherent expertise to create enrichment and extension opportunities for most able young people which diminish the impact of 'rural' barriers to their education.

To develop, with partners, regional, national and international professional development opportunities for all educators. These will further extend and develop collaboration within and beyond the rural community.

To review current educational research in most able education allowing the network to identify the areas for future research projects that consider the rural dimension.

To identify examples of good practice, effective teaching and learning strategies, enrichment and extension activities that have had an impact on raising the aspirations and attainment of most able young people in rural areas.

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